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February 11, 2010 - June 15, 2010 Exhibition Contemporary Jewish Museum, San Francisco, CA (USA)

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October 18, 2007
Release of the book "Notre Combat" in bookstores



Written participation :

  • Madame Simone Veil - Preface
  • Thierry Illouz - Contemporary Art Historian
  • Eric Vilette - psychoanalyst
  • Monsieur le grand rabbin Gilles Bernheim

Due to a limited number of pages all 800 contributions could not be published.
Selection for the book was difficult and not based on the quality or performance of the artist but most often on association of images.
All 800 works will be presented at exhibitions.

Denis Jambar - President of Seuil editions (support for "Notre Combat")
Claude Enard - Director










Denis Jambar - President of Seuil editions (support for "Notre Combat")
Claude Enard - Director

from 29th Septembre 2007
Broadcast of documentary on ARTE TV
Broadcast of documentary "Notre Combat" retracing the birth of the project to the publication of the book on ARTE TV in the series "l'art et la manière".
  • Tuesday 9th October 2007 at 4.20AM
  • Monday 15th October 2007 at 4.30AM
  • Sunday 21th October 2007 at 4.30AM

Director of ARTE cultural programmes - Dana Hastier (Supporter of "Notre Combat")
Documentary realised by Claude Bentura
Producer - Jean-Paul Boucherey (Images et companie) Extract from Documentary

Link Arte web site :,broadcastingNum=777136,day=4,week=41,year=2007.html

Extract from documentary

25th September 2007
Declaration of Notre Combat association
at police headquarters.
The objective of our association is to encourage engaged art through publications such as "Notre combat" and to organise exhibitions and cultural demonstrations.
15th September 2007
First copy of "Notre Combat"
Linda is presented with the first copy of "Notre Combat"

From left to right : Katharina Vonsaalfeld , Linda Ellia and  Delphine  Precetti