I would like to express sincere gratitude and wholehearted thanks for your enthusiasm, dedication and support. Without you this project could not have been accomplished so rapidly.

When I began this adventure I imagined it would take 10 years or so to complete, yet everything has happened at such incredible speed. I have recuperated 500 pages since september 2005. A chain which goes beyond frontiers has formed. Each new day brings with it strong emotions, improbable, enriching encounters along with testimony after testimony delivering a message of peace. Each contribution is a missing piece of the puzzle.

How can we unite and join hands ? Why frontiers and differences ?
Why interdictions and segregation because we are not the same colour, not the same religion or not of the same ethnic group ?

To hold the tyrant’s book in my hands was an opportunity for me to demonstrate my anger, repulsion and emotion against ideas which caused such a massacre. However, what troubles me most is that similar annihilation has been repeated since and the pattern does not seem ready to cease.

This work is not only limited to the memory of the Shoah. It is a message of hope for all forms of racism, persecution and violence. I have no doubt that this gesture may be considered by some to be only ‘a drop in the ocean’ or even ‘a lost cause’. No matter, at the very least this collective work is evidence of an emotion felt by artists, writers, poets, musicians, film makers, journalists, deportees, Jews, Palestinains, Lebanese, Tibetans, Yemenites, students, the anonymous…….

Can this initative awaken in us a desire never to remain passive and never to give in to the contagion of hate ? It is our message of peace.

Linda Ellia

Various thanks :

December 7, 2005
Thanks in France Inter,

I am very happy to be invited to speak on France Inter our project. The chronicle is in free listening at this address:

Thank you for all your reactions and thank  David Abiker for this mediation towards you