My name is Linda Ellia. I am a painter and photographer.

When I found myself in possession of Adolf Hitler’s work : Mein Kampf, my fingers burnt. I couldn’t keep it to myself. I had a duty to share it with others. I wondered how I could set about preventing such a massacre reoccurring and generating so much evil. The subject is a delicate one. Numerous questions crossed my mind. This book cannot be consulted in a library without the identity of the reader being revealed.

One evening I had the idea of inviting people from all conditions and walks of life to participate in producing a collective work. I would cut out and distribute each of the 600 hundred pages of the book randomly, or to people of my choice. These 600 contributors would represent the deaths of over 6 million deportees.

The objective is to express on each page the emotion it evokes.
Together we will recreate the book. It will become « Our Combat »

Every page returned to me provokes a profound emotion. Together we will experience a new reading of the pages we have rewritten. Do not hesitate to contact me to react, or to participate in this project. I am interested in all of your ideas.

This combat is not an isolated act. I intend to follow it up by creating an association for artists involved in defending causes. It will address all forms of artistic disciplines. A Laureate will be elected each year. The role of this award will be to help engaged artists realize their projects.

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